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Museums are still closed. School is still cancelled. The world is still shut off and we’re still stuck indoors. The toilet paper is sold out and we change our Zoom backgrounds more often than we change our clothes. And Twitter...we won’t even go there. While everything is still cancelled, why not make our online show MORE? 


Silicon Valet is pleased to present the re-opening of Well Now WTF?, an online exhibition curated by Faith Holland, Lorna Mills, and Wade Wallerstein—now with MORE WTF! The exhibition was designed and installed by Kelani Nichole.


Join us for a virtual opening party on May 2nd from 2PM - 4PM EST at We’ll be live streaming on Twitch, and (as always) kicking it in the chatroom.


With everything unrelenting, we continue to ask ourselves: Well Now WTF? We still have no answer, but we’re having a great time making GIFs. We’ve shown that we can come together and use the creative tools at our disposal to build a space for release outside of anxiety-inducing news cycles and banal social media feeds. 


Well Now WTF? is as much an art show as a community gathering. Since the initial opening on April 4 and continuing past the virtual re-opening party on May 2nd, we will hold online events on the site itself and via Twitch where people can gather and talk as they would normally for a physical exhibition.


Well Now WTF? is available online at The exhibition is free and open to the public, with a $5 suggested, pay-what-you-wish entry that will be redistributed to the artists contributing work. 


Donors who contribute $100 or more to Well Now WTF? Will be rewarded with an advanced look at an unpublished GIF by Nicolas Sassoon, Rick Silva, or Wednesday Kim delivered directly to their inbox. These gifs are exclusive and available only to donors. All money will go to the artists in the exhibition. We will be releasing new easter egg GIFS for donors periodically—collect them all!


The exhibition is accompanied by essays by Wade Wallerstein and Seth Barry Watter.


Images & press information from the exhibition (including the original exhibition release) are available here. Please credit artists listed in file names when using.


Participating Artists: A Bill Miller, Ad Minoliti, Adrienne Crossman, Alex McLeod, Alice BucknellAlma Alloro, Ambar NavarroAndres Manniste, Anne SpalterAnneli Goeller, Anthony Antonellis, Antonio Roberts, Ben Sang, Benjamin Gaulon, Bob Bicknell-KnightCarla Gannis, Casey Kauffmann, Casey Reas, Cassie McQuater, Chiara Passa, Chris ColemanChris Collins, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Claudia Bitran, Claudia Hart, Clusterduck Collective, Daniel Temkin, Devin Kenny & Morgan Green, Diego OrtegaDon Hanson, Dominic Quagliozzi, Elektra KB, Ellen.Gif, Eltons Kuns, Emilie Gervais, Emily MulengaErica Lapadat-Janzen, Erica Magrey, Erin Gee, Eva DavidovaEva Papamargariti, Everest Pipkin, ExonemoFaith Holland, Felt Zine, Francoise Gamma, Graham AkinsGuido Segni, Hannah Neckel, HaydiroketHyo Myoung Kim, Ian Bruner, Jan Robert Leegte, Janet.40, Jason Isolini, Jazmin Jones, Jenson Leonard, Jeremy Bailey, Jillian McDonald, Juan Covelli,  Kamilia Kard, Katherine Sultan Erminy, Keiken + George Jasper Stone, Kid Xanthrax, LaJuné McMillian, Laleh MehranLaTurbo AvedonLaura Gillmore, Laura Hyunjhee Kim, Lauryn SiegelLibbi Ponce, Lilly Handley, Lior ZalmansonLorna Mills, LoVid, Mara Oscar Cassiani, Mark Dorf, Mark Klink, Maurice Andresen, Maya Ben David, Miguel MartinMolly Erin McCarthy, Molly Soda, Mohsen HazratiNicolas Sassoon, Nicole Killian, Off Site ProjectOlia Svetlanova, Olivia Ross, Ophélie DemurgerPastiche Lumumba, Peter Burr, Petra Cortright, Pinar Yoldas, Rachel RossinRafia Santana, Rah ElehRick Silva, Rita Jiménez, Rodell WarnerRosa MenkmanRyan Kuo, Ryan Trecartin, Santa France, Sara Ludy, Sebastian Schmieg, Shana MoultonShawné Michaelain Holloway, Snow Yunxue Fu, Solimán Lopez, Surabhi SurafStacie Ant, Sydney Shavers, Terrell Davis, Theo Triantafyllidis, Tiare Ribeaux, Tobias WilliamsTravess Smalley, Tyler KlineWednesday Kim, Will Pappenheimer, Yidi Tsao, Yoshi Sodeoka, and Ziyang Wu.


About Silicon Valet

Silicon Valet is a virtual parking lot for expanded internet practice, serving as a hub for the global spread of artists working with the internet and digital materials. Silicon Valet also hosts a digital arts residency and an online exhibition program.


Press Contacts


Silicon Valet / @silicon.valet


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