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The Lot Residency is a new program at Silicon Valet intended to allow an artist working in the expanded practice space the opportunity to explore the display and circulation capacities of social media. In the current visual culture paradigm, feed-based social media experiences play the dominant role in how images and ideas are disseminated and understood. Monolithic platforms in the Web 3.0 era create tightly regulated spaces that impose specific material constraints upon digital objects, and their black box algorithmic processes control how those objects circulate—and are thus experienced by others—online. 


By developing unique projects to be shared via Silicon Valet’s Instagram account, residents will be able to experiment with the platform’s constraints and algorithmic processes, testing the limits of its capacities and exploring possibilities for alternative modes of online art practice on social media. 


Lot Residents will have free reign of Silicon Valet’s Instagram account over the course of 9 main feed posts. Residents can post any kind of content within these 9 posts, and any/as much content as they would like to the account Story (as long as it conforms to Instagram’s guidelines). Artists may take as long as they would like to develop this project, but all posts must take place over the course of 24-48 hours so as not to interrupt daily exhibition news posts. Each post must be individually meaningful, and the 9 post grid must also be collectively meaningful on the feed. The Lot Residency is free form and open to interpretation, but all residents must take the above guidelines into consideration. 


- Each resident must prepare 9 posts for the Silicon Valet Instagram.

- Each post must be individually meaningful, and stand alone on viewers' feeds.

- All 9 posts must be collectively meaningful, and present some form of unity on the profile page.

- All posts must go online consecutively over the course of 24 or 48 hours.

- Residents may post whatever they like, but all posts must conform to Instagram's guidelines.

- Residents may post whatever the like/as much as they like to the Story.

- There is no time limit, residency's can take as long as the resident needs to fully explore their project.

To submit a Residency proposal, please e-mail

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