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++ Lσƚ Rҽʂιԃҽɳƈყ Dҽƈ 2019 Aɾƈԋιʋҽ

ᗰOᒪᒪY.Eᖇᕼ -- ᗰOᒪᒪY EᖇIᑎ ᗰᑕᑕᗩᖇTᕼY

ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą is the result of process-led research into IRL & virtual materiality, and the role of sculpture in the post-digital age.


The series is a continuation of ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą >> {{ą ʂɬཞɛąɱ}} -- an insta-installation concieved for the December 2019 Silicon Valet Lot Residency -- in which two sister structures were concurrently created (one IRL + one digital), & presented to viewers as a fractured, interactive collage via the Instagram UI.


ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą >> {{ą ʂɬཞɛąɱ}} considered interaction on each level of the Instagram interface: from large-scale, static image on the Silicon Valet profile; to stacked, fragmented imagery when viewing the feed directly. Using cascading animation as a guide, users were encouraged to interact; reconstructing the sculptural objects themselves to activate the object/feed, & subvert the passive consumption of imagery on the platform. The work also referenced social media platforms as unstable archives, utilising textures from MySpace & Piczo customisation sites, and harkened back to early social media sites such as MySpace and Piczo, referring to the legacy of the internet as an unstable archive of endlessly remixed content.

ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą builds upon these ideas, amalgamating and evolving the materials generated during the residency into 3 unified entities {{ɛ۷ɛ}}, {{ŋơ۷ą}}, & {{ąŋɠɛƖ}} : each named for the transformation and rebirth taking place during their creation. In this iteration, the work attempts to give more "stability" to the objects, reimbuing

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of ҳ[ɛɖ] ơ۷ą >> {{ą ʂɬཞɛąɱ}} 

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